Athletics tables and software

Atletiek tabelle en sagteware





Bekker Sport has been serving the athletic community since 1985. We specialize in design and maintenance of the performance measuring tables for athletics as well as software to manage a meeting.

Browse our Web site for more information about Bekker Sport. If you have any questions or would like to speak with me regarding our products, please contact me.


Swim program based on tables!!

Based on the athletics program a new program was developed fo swimming. The relust use the formula of the 2012 athletics. For more information see the Swim page.

The software will work correct  on all Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 8

Tip: For 64 bit systems the only limitation is to install the program under “Program Files” instead of  using “Program Files (x86)”


Now you can have a paperless meeting!!

With revision 10 of the Bekker Sport program it is now possible to import the results of all events paperless. It is also possible to achieve this without the need of runners. for more detail, see the information page.